Meet The Maker

 Hi!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


I'm Kayla, the maker behind The Little Moonstone! I hail from the southern Albertan prairies, where I've lived most of my life!  I've always been creative ever since I was a young girl. It's always been my escape, a place for my imagination to run wild. From creating fairy homes out of tissue boxes, drawing, painting, clay, and I was all over those friendship bracelets. I don't know why I never thought to pursue a more creative profession sooner, but it wasn't until 2018 that I fell in love with Macramé in 2018. It had started as a creative outlet during a period of my life when I was feeling a bit lost. Learning knots became a extended meditation practice for myself. There was something very soothing about tying rope together, just getting lost in it and then stepping back to what I had almost created unconsciously. It wasn't long before I was constantly day dreaming about knots and pieces I wanted to create. I was OBSESSED! With the support and encouragement of my family,  I turned this into a business and The Little Moonstone was born in December 2018. October 2019, I retired from my day job as a Montessori Preschool Teacher to take plunge to go full-time! 

What I truly love about this art form, is that the possibilities are endless. There's such beauty in the way knots come together and the way a wall piece can truly transform the feel of a room. My earrings are a really fun part of this business, I adore making them and seeing them out in the world. I love the way they can add such a fun feel to pretty much any outfit.

My second love of this artform are the wall pieces. It's what drew me into Macramé, seeing all these crazy intricate pieces. Taking a simple roll of cotton or maybe few and turning it into a piece that just takes your breath away. That's what I strive to make with my work, a piece that will bring you joy for years to come. I put so much thought into a piece, making sure nothing is out of place, wanting to make each piece unique in it's own way.

I strive towards making my business more sustainable, from saving scraps for reuse to recycling packing materials. I order my materials from suppliers who also strive for the same, using recycled cotton from a Canadian supplier. I forge for my own wood from the areas around me, the places I loved running wild in as a kid. It's a rare I come back empty handed from any walk. And from time to time I am able to get my hands on drift wood from lakes and beaches.

 Please feel free to message me about anything macrame, I'd love to connect with you!